How Malelions has grown into one of the most famous clothing brands in the Netherlands

Hoe Malelions is uitgegroeid naar één van de bekendste kledingmerken van Nederland

In a few years, Malelions has grown into one of the best-known and most popular brands in the Netherlands among young people and even adults. In this blog we take you through the journey our Malelions family has taken to be here. Here where we are now.

Started as a schoolboy with an entrepreneurial passion

The story of Malelions is not about an experienced entrepreneur who started a clothing brand late in life. In fact. Thijs Offermeijer, founder of Malelions, had already discovered a love for entrepreneurship in high school. At the age of 15/16 he was already involved in clothing and sports. Thijs didn't really like high school. After high school, young Thijs followed the 'Marketing Communication' course, which suited his interests perfectly. He went to school every day with great passion and pleasure, and those were long days. The student then went on to study the 'Commercial Economics Business Concept' course. Together with a fellow student, a small business was started, selling bead bracelets. It was a bit of testing at the beginning and hoping that things would turn out well for this starting accessory brand, but thanks to the strong drive of Thijs Offermeijer, the success continued to increase. After the bracelets, caps, shirts and other clothing items were purchased. This is how a real clothing brand slowly emerged.

Malelions grew into a major clothing brand

Malelions started under a different brand name in its early years. The modest company grew into a serious business. Collaborations with well-known personalities, who started wearing their products, opened new doors for the brand and the strong growth that came with it. This is how Malelions became bigger and better known. The range of clothing also became increasingly wider. A women's, children's and even successful sports collection was launched. As a result, a broader target group of consumers from teenagers to 40+ people was addressed by the well-known Dutch clothing brand. Because who doesn't know Malelions?

What makes Malelions so special and what are our core values

Our brand story makes us a strong brand. Malelions is not just a clothing brand that sells all kinds of clothes and accessories. In fact, we are a brand with a powerful identity and character. We believe that fashion is more than just looking good. It's about feeling empowered and confident to pursue your dreams. This is not only reflected in the character and appearance of our clothing, but also in our communications on social media, festivals, in the field of extreme sports and influencers with whom we collaborate. They transfer Malelions and let you identify with our brand.

Our core values ​​are: ambition, perseverance and sincerity. We are enterprising, creative and have a real winning mentality. We at Malelions take risks and don't take 'no' for an answer. In addition, we want to be transparent with our partners, collaborations, teams and, above all, fans. After all, that is what we want: a close-knit community with shared passions and visions. Will you join our Malelions family?