Meet the Ambassadors Family of Malelions

Maak kennis met de Ambassadors Family van Malelions

Meet the Ambassadors Family of Malelions

Malelions partly owes its success to the creative influencers. Our ambassadors are more than just individual influencers, they are really part of our Malelions family. You can read more about our ambassadors in this blog.

Why we are building our Ambassadors Family!
Ever since Malelions was founded, Malelions has had influencers and famous people who support Malelions and help the brand grow. Why? Because we are of course a very cool and cool brand. Or yes, we like to say that about us ;). We partly owe the success of Malelions to our ambassadors. Because of their efforts and passion for the Malelions brand, we have become one of the most famous clothing brands in the Netherlands. As mentioned earlier, our ambassadors are more than just isolated influencers. They really feel like family, which is why we started our Ambassadors Family. And this makes us proud. Not only because we work with our ambassadors on a business level, but also because of the strong personal bond and daily contact between Malelions and Ambassadors Family. These creators have their own collections, they attend events and post photos and videos on our social media.

Our Ambassadors in the Spotlight
Now that you know more about the reason for our Ambassadors Family, we would like to introduce them to the rest of our Malelions family. Of course you are! Our Ambassadors Family consists of four people in total, whom you of course know.

Chahid Charrak (Dutch Performante)
The first ambassador from our ambassadors family is Chahid Charrak, also known as: Dutch Permormante. Chahid has been active as a content creator since our founding year (2019). Through the videos with his cool cars, life as a close-knit family man and challenges with YouTubers, he grew into a celebrity on various social media. Chahid is also a successful entrepreneur in the sanitary ware and tiling industry, ambitious and of course a big fan of Malelions. This means we have a great collaboration with the entrepreneur from Zeewolde. A padel collection from Dutch Performante will soon appear on our clothing racks.

Gaby Blaazer
Gaby Blaazer is our female ambassador within the Ambassadors Family. Gaby is the female face on our social media content. Gaby Blaazer also contributed to our Mother's Day campaign, for example. This versatile woman is a model, presenter, actress and known as a content creator. From an early age, Gaby has appeared in various television programs, such as: GTST, Onderweg naar morgen, SpangaS, Campinglife and not so long ago she participated in The Bachelorette and Real girls in the jungle.

Albert Dervishaj, better known as Kosso, is also part of our Ambassadors Family. Kosso is known as an entrepreneur, rapper and bodybuilder. In 2013, Kosso became known through a performance at 101Barz, after which he collaborated with several other well-known rappers, such as Boef, Josylvio and Ali B. Kosso is currently working on his new line of sports supplements, because he is very active in the gym. We also work with Kosso for the Malelions sports collection. We are proud that Kosso is part of our family as a fanatical athlete.

Dave Roelvink
The last part of our Ambassadors Family is Dave Roelvink. Dave is a model, DJ and media personality. In addition, the Amsterdammer likes to dress in the various outfits from Malelions, and this is reflected in the videos shared by Dave on our social media channels. Dave's strong sense of self-confidence makes him a strong addition to the Ambassadors Family. We would like to convey this to our fans and followers.